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Butt-Ugly - The Epic Motion Picture Event

Butt-Ugly is a comedy short about the problems of being too ugly and the problems of being too beautiful.

Our heroine (Sophie Turner) is a woman of astonishing beauty—but who hates everything about it. Her intense sex appeal causes her problems everywhere she goes—problems that normal people have no sympathy for.

Our hero (Joseph Carl White II) faces similar challenges. His daily issues, however, stem from how he is treated based on his intense ugliness instead.

The cast of Butt-Ugly: Sophie Turner, Joseph Carl White II and Dean Ghaffari

Butt-Ugly stars Joseph Carl White II, Dean Ghaffari and Australian supermodel Sophie Turner. The supporting cast includes Jennifer Jacobs, John Livingstone, Nicole Satou, Tofer Sundberg and Ron Ramsey.



Sophie Turner, Australian Supermodel

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner shattered our expectations of the diva supermodel. Her physical appeal is more than matched by her brains and wit. (Sophie also has the heart and playfulness of a ten-year-old girl.) Ms. Turner was shockingly committed as well, going way above and beyond to accommodate our production.




Joseph Carl White II

A natural and effortless comedic talent (and not to mention a really good sport), Joseph Carl White II landed in our laps as a minor miracle. More cuddly-looking than ugly, Joseph is destined to be the next John Candy, Chris Farley or Jack Black. Or as I believe, he'll be setting his own standard for others to follow in the near future.


Dean Ghaffari

An experienced stage actor, Dean Ghaffari worked tirelessly in front and behind the camera as the intense and convincing villain of our story as well as the champion producer of our project.


About the comdey film project, Butt-Ugly

At just under ten minutes, this film is based on a feature-length script which we plan to sell and produce as a result of this project.

Inquiries can be made by emailing .

Butt-Ugly was written, directed and composed by Steven Aguilera, author of A New Perspective. His previous project (a horror film), The Devil's Grave can be viewed below or by clicking here.

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Sophie Turner in Butt-Ugly comedy